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Startup Sandbox Graduates First Class of Innovators

Graduating Startups Poised to Deliver Innovative Breakthroughs with Global Impact

4 November 2019

Startup Sandbox today announced that six members have successfully graduated from the bioscience incubator to launch commercial operations as strong, viable startups.

With innovation spanning next-generation DNA sequencing, drug discovery, and cancer screening to bioceramics, biofoam, and smart gardening, Startup Sandbox graduates are poised to deliver breakthroughs with global impact.

"These companies validate our mission and approach to crystalizing breakthrough ideas into commercial success. They are leading a new generation of entrepreneurs whose research efforts not only create exciting new businesses, they directly benefit the bioscience research ecosystem and the Santa Cruz community." Lou Pambianco, CEO of Startup Sandbox

The six companies in Startup Sandbox's first "graduating class" Include:

Aeroasis—Aeroasis is at the forefront of Controlled Environment Agriculture using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and hydroponic smart gardening techniques. The company is revolutionizing the way people grow food and medicine to deliver the highest-quality harvests for the least amount of effort and experience.

ClaretBio—This company is innovating Next Generation [DNA] Sequencing methods to capture and retain native ends of DNA fragments. ClaretBio's technique enhances biological discovery by capturing more data from sub-nucleosome-sized fragments.

Cruz Foam—Cruz Foam has developed marine biofoam technology as a sustainable, biodegradable foam replacement for current polystyrene and polyurethane structural foams. The company's innovation will help reduce plastics pollution.

Dimensional Bioceramics—The company's precision bone-graft substitutes are used to fill gaps in bone structure due to injury or illness until the substitute is resorbed and replaced with real bone during healing processes.

Prime GenomicsFounded by experts in genomics and molecular diagnostics, Prime Genomics is developing a breakthrough approach for cancer screening.

Unnatural Products—This company's platform accelerates drug discovery by harnessing insights from nature to intelligently design and rapidly optimize macrocyclic compounds that will guide the next generation of therapeutics.

The Sandbox provides space and equipment at affordable rates, as well as mentoring and support from the Founders Circle—seasoned executives who have built successful technology and biotechnology companies.

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