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Dimensional Bioceramics Launches Operations in Santa Cruz

Bone-graft material maker graduates from Startup Sandbox and begins 3D printing of bone implants.

Dimensional Bioceramics is printing bone parts to speed the healing of surgical procedures.

06 June 2019

Dimensional Bioceramics (DB), makers of bone-graft substitutes and implants, was founded in June 2016 by David Delaney and Dr. Duran Yetkinler. DB produces a bone-graft substitute that fills gaps in bone structure and is replaced with real bone during the healing process. The material is biocompatible and may be used in an infected site.

After coming to Startup Sandbox in January 2018, DB perfected its bone-graft material and started selling it through distribution.

“Startup Sandbox has been instrumental to our success. They provided the flexibility of scale and the facilities that any small medical device or bioscience venture requires. Startup Sandbox enabled us to focus on what was most important for our organization to move the needle and achieve our milestones in record time."

In December 2018, a prosthesis customer won FDA approval to use the material to strengthen bone structure prior to knee replacement. This put the company on a fast track to move to a 4,500-square-foot manufacturing facility in Santa Cruz where they will partner with an acquirer of the bone-graft material business. DB will then move forward with their primary business: 3D printing of bone parts with their initial focus on neurosurgery.

“We are successfully expanding to larger facilities in Santa Cruz as part of the Sandbox success formula and to make room for the next wave of entrepreneurs.”
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