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The Proven Sandbox Success Formula

Startup Sandbox is a research lab and business incubator with a proven formula for the development, launch and commercialization of new biotech and technology companies.

Entrepreneurs can license existing IP from third parties or bring their own product ideas to the Sandbox. It provides space and equipment as needed at affordable rates as well as mentoring and support by seasoned executives who have built successful tech and biotech companies. And when those startups are ready, they launch independent operations in Santa Cruz, providing jobs, tax revenues and healthy growth for the Monterey Bay economy.

Speeding the Path from Concept to Commercialization

The goal of Startup Sandbox is to transform its entrepreneurs’ ideas and dreams into real-world products that bring breakthrough therapeutics to market for everyone's benefit. When Sandbox companies succeed, so does Santa Cruz City and County— and for scientific breakthroughs, the rest of humankind.

Since its founding in 2017 as a commercial incubator and launchpad, Startup Sandbox has graduated 14 companies from technical evaluation to the commercial market.

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