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Startup Sandbox Services

Startup Sandbox gives you access to a wide spectrum of state-of-the-art scientific equipment, lab, business and executive advisory services for accelerating your research, establishing your business, achieving early traction and validating your product. 

Startup Sandbox includes BSL1 and BSL2 lab and office space, scientific equipment and instrumentation, and conference space for meetings and events. You can affordably rent private offices, cubicles, lab benches and equipment — as you need it, when you need it.

Labs and Facilities

BSL1 / BSL2 Labs

    Biofume hoods

    Tissue culture lab
    Biosafety cabinets



    Mass spectrometry microscopes


    Freezers   -20°C and -80°C

    PCR lab

Common-Use Equipment

    Medical device and chip design

    3D robotics space

    Prototyping center


    Blood and tissue samples

Office Facilities and Services

    Personal lab benches

    Private offices

    Cubicle and bench seating

    Meeting rooms

    High-speed internet

Business Services

Legal and Advisory Services

    Corporate formation

    Intellectual property planning

    Patent writing and filing

    Cap table creation

Fundraising and Financial Services

    Business plan creation

    Investor presentations

    Series A positioning and plans

    Seed funding access


    Financial planning

Marketing and Launch Services

    Market selection

    Go-to-market strategies

    Product marketing

    Pricing strategies


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