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UC Santa Cruz Awarded Record Number of Patents

Patents create a treasure trove of opportunities for bioscience entrepreneurs at Startup Sandbox

13 August 2019

UC Santa Cruz researchers were awarded 26 new patents in the last fiscal year, a record number for the campus. The new patents include novel compounds with potential medical uses, and new methods for genome assembly and analysis of genomic sequencing data.

“Thanks to the outstanding efforts of our campus innovators, this represents a new high water mark for the UCSC campus, 27% more than our previous best of 20 patents in a single year.” Scott Brandt, UCSC Vice Chancellor for Research and Director at Startup Sandbox
“The quality of the innovation at UCSC is reflected in the fact that about half of these issued patents are licensed to companies working to develop them into products. The majority of those companies are startups based in Santa Cruz.” Jeff Jackson UCSC Director of Intellectual Property Management

Mark Akeson, professor of biomolecular engineering, received five patents related to nanopore DNA sequencing, a concept invented and pioneered at UC Santa Cruz for analyzing DNA and other molecules. Nanopore sequencing is an area of excellence and core competency at Startup Sandbox.

Startup Sandbox congratulates all of the UCSC patent awardees for their innovative research and excellence. Their inventiveness will lead to breakthroughs in personalized medicine and create a healthier planet for all of us. We're excited to see their research transform into commercial breakthroughs at Startup Sandbox as we nurture companies that turn Santa Cruz into a bioscience center of excellence.

For more details, see UCSC's news release.

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