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Cadre of New Companies Prepare for Launch at Startup Sandbox

Momentum Builds for Incubating Innovative Bioscience Startups

Startup Sandbox Wet Lab in Santa Cruz, California

13 January 2020

Several new startup companies have joined Startup Sandbox, the Santa Cruz-based bioscience incubator.

Each company focuses on specific markets within the bioscience realm:

  • Coreless Technologies is developing applications for plasmonic nanoparticles

  • Ohalo Genetics is focusing on gene editing in plants

  • New Fiber Project is creating biodegradable plastic packaging from hemp

  • Crescendium is creating innovative, helpful bacterium

  • Sanguine DX is pioneering advanced blood clot monitoring for emergency rooms

  • Switchback Systems is using cell structure as a data storage medium

  • VisgeneX is working on genetic remediation of wet macular disease

For the next 18 to 24 months, each startup will work with the Startup Sandbox community, following the incubator's proven model and transitioning to commercial operations as strong, viable startup companies. During this time, each company develops its product roadmap for turning research into scalable, reproducible products. At the same time, companies benefit from executive mentoring to develop business, pricing, sales, and marketing strategies tailored to their unique markets.

"Startup Sandbox represents a milestone in these companies' business development. All the new member companies will utilize our space, equipment, mentoring, and community support. Their time here will be crucial to translating important academic research into innovative commercialized products and succeeding in their chosen markets. The goal is enabling each startup to address these requirements quickly, so they can accelerate growth and raise funds. Ultimately, they leave us with world-changing innovation that impacts not only their chosen industries, but people's lives around the world." - Lou Pambianco, CEO of Startup Sandbox

With the graduation of six companies in October 2019, momentum has been growing for Startup Sandbox and its successful model for moving bioscience research from the lab to commercialized products.

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