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Biotech Blooms on Santa Cruz's Westside

Just inland from Natural Bridges State Beach, the Westside of Santa Cruz is transforming rapidly into a bioscience hub.

This post is an abstract of an article written by James McGirk for the UC Santa Cruz Newscenter. Read the full article

30 January 2020

Just inland of the offshore rock formations, sandstone cliffs and tide pools of Natural Bridges State Beach, the Westside of Santa Cruz is transforming from its quiet past into a bioscience hub of innovation.

Startup Sandbox plays a vital role in the rise of the Westside as a center of research and progress. The Sandbox's role is as a bioscience incubator where UCSC researchers and scientists refine, test and commercialize their ideas into successful companies. In the second half of 2019, the Sandbox graduated six companies that are now independently operating on their own.

"We're delighted to see the benefits of entrepreneurship and innovation, and the impact this has on an area so close to home. What's happening is a virtuous cycle: Our researchers and graduates see their peers building successful companies — companies that also benefit the community — and they're inspired to build their own." Alexander Wolf Dean, Baskin School of Engineering, UCSC

In the middle of all the action, the Startup Sandbox is located on Natural Bridges Drive, across the street from the Genomics Institute and UCSC's Westside Research Park.

"It's a time of great anticipation for Startup Sandbox as our member companies work on important projects that will benefit our planet and all of humankind. We're so proud to be a vital part of the UCSC scientific community and the excitement on the Westside of Santa Cruz." Lou Pambianco CEO, Startup Sandbox

For a deeper look at the biotech breakthroughs and projects happening on the Westside of Santa Cruz, see this story by James McGirk at the UC Santa Cruz Newscenter.

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