The Sandbox Team

The management team at Startup Sandbox includes a seasoned slate of professionals who have made their careers in management, professional services, research and academic endeavors. The team's unwavering objective is to accelerate the growth and success of Sandbox member companies.   

CEO & Chairman


During the digital revolution of the 80s and 90s, as the Managing Director of Corporate Development Partners, Lou worked with the executives of industry leaders — including Intel, Cisco, Conner Peripherals and Polycom — to achieve exceptional results. And as the bioscience revolution defines the first half of the 21st century, Lou brings his passion and leadership to Startup Sandbox to mentor early-stage companies delivering breakthrough therapeutics that impact your health and the health of our planet.

President & COO


Mike Lund has deep experience in creating and growing self-sustaining and highly-valued companies. He strongly believes that the foundation of a company must be right before it can achieve success. Mike's professional path includes management roles at Cypress Semiconductor, Microbar, Nucore and Intematix. As CFO, COO and GM for several venture-backed startups, Mike has always looked to broaden the scope of his role and expand the expectations of what he and his teams can deliver.



Dr. Scott A. Brandt is Vice Chancellor for Research, Sage Weil Presidential Chair for Open Source Software, and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at UC Santa Cruz. Previously, he was Associate Dean of Engineering, Campus Director of the UCSC / LANL Institute for Scalable Scientific Data Management, Director of the UCSC Systems Research Laboratory, and co-founder of the UCSC Storage Systems Research Center.  Before joining academia, he spent 10 years in industry, including three startup companies. In his free time, he enjoys Jiu Jitsu, biking and motorcycling, an excellent cup of coffee, and time with his family.

Corporate Counsel & Secretary


David Makarechian is Chair of O’Melveny’s Emerging Technologies Group and serves as Corporate Counsel and Secretary to Startup Sandbox. As a corporate lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, David is highly skilled at working with entrepreneurs, executives and investors. He brings extensive skills and resources to his role of supporting the rapid growth of innovative and breakthrough technology companies.

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