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Startup Sandbox is at the forefront of the biotech revolution in Santa Cruz. We are an incubator where entrepreneurs launch their companies and productize their research. Our founders, sponsors and executives in residence provide business training and advisory services to help the entrepreneurs formulate their product, patent, and launch strategies — so they can remain focused on their research.

Maximizing the Impact of University Research

Many of our member companies come to us directly from academic institutions, most often from UC Santa Cruz. The Sandbox plays crucial roles in the University's strategies to maximize the human benefits of its world-class research operations and generate financial returns for the University’s patent portfolio. Those rewards in turn spawn new research projects that change the world.

Everyone Wins at the Sandbox

At Startup Sandbox, we always remain true to our objective of minimizing the time required for our member companies to go to market. When a business launches from Startup Sandbox, it's a big win for the entrepreneurs, it means jobs and healthy growth for Santa Cruz, and it provides financial return and distinction for the University and its distinguished staff. We take great pride in our role as the launchpad for biotech growth in Monterey Bay.

​Help Us Change the World

The Sandbox is a non-profit organization that depends on the generosity of sponsors, alumni, community members, and successful entrepreneurs who want to transform Santa Cruz into a world-recognized leader in biotech development.


Our plea is simple and compelling... we ask for your help in our efforts to improve your health and the health of our planet.

Donate to the Sandbox Today

You can help Startup Sandbox with your donations of funds and high-quality laboratory equipment.

Startup Sandbox is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.  Your donation is 100% tax deductible and will go 100% towards fulfilling our mission to create a biotech center-of-excellence in Santa Cruz that changes the world.

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